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Trust the professionals at Aspen WaterWise. For more than 30 years we’ve been helping people get the clean, clear water they deserve in their homes and businesses, using only the very best in water softening, and water filtration systems to do it!

As the leaders in water purifier installation in the Roaring Fork Valley, Aspen WaterWise is able to assist you on every level of purification. We build custom water purification systems to fit problem water demands and specific homeowner requirements.

Who we are
  • In business for more than three decades!
  • Leaders in water purifier installation in Aspen
  • Proud members of the Aspen Chamber of Commerce
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  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
What we offer
  • Water Testing
  • Water Purification
  • Water Filtering
  • Water Softening
  • Water Conditioning
Environmental Benefits
  • We employ environmentally safe technology and methods
  • We remove toxins from the water supply
  • Clean drinking water eliminates plastic water bottles

Our Services

Water Testing, System Installation, Maintenance, and More!

Our Products

Water Filters, Softeners, Conditioners, & Purification Systems

Even if your water looks clear and tastes fine, what you’re not seeing can be impacting your quality of life.

In a perfect world, water is pure H2O—just a couple of hydrogen molecules with a little oxygen to bring them together. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more than H2O coming out of the faucets and taps in our homes and businesses! Microbes, metals, harsh chemicals and more all have a tendency to pollute our water, leaving it far from pure and perfect. Aspen WaterWise is here to help you uncover these unseen contaminants and to help you filter and treat your water appropriately!

At Aspen WaterWise we share a commitment to personal health as well as to the health of our planet. We strive to provide green and environmentally safe methods, technologies, and water treatment alternatives in order to provide a water supply which will nurture both the individual and the environment.

Plastic floating islands, landfills, and sea creatures being strangled are just a few of the results of our actions. We need to take steps now to prevent further destruction of our environment. Our children’s future is at stake. One simple way to decrease the amount of resources and plastic used and thrown away is to stop consuming bottled water. Purifying water at home prevents millions of bottles from ending up in the oceans, landfills and the stomachs of sea creatures.

It is our responsibility as caretakers of our planet to move forward in our actions. Giving up plastic water bottles is a step in the right direction. Not only is this sound advice for the planet, but it is also the most cost-effective way to provide your family with a perennial supply of optimally pure and balanced water.

  • Amazing service and professionalism! Highly recommend Aspen Waterwise for all your water needs. A huge thank you to Kellen and Jose. They are the very best!

    megan disabatino Avatar megan disabatino

    Waterwise is hands-down the best game in town. Knowledgeable, efficient, and equipped to handle all water purification and conditioning needs. Highly recommend.

    Judd Clarence Avatar Judd Clarence
  • On time, kind, happy and quick! Love having a local company to call and happy employees show up on time. Good at communicating too.

    Rachel Bock Avatar Rachel Bock

    We ordered a replacement RO unit for our kitchen. We were able to schedule the installation when it worked for us, their communication prior to the install was great.... read more

    Tod Tibbetts Avatar Tod Tibbetts
  • Slate was 100% excellent in taking out my old Culligan water softening system and installing the Waterwise's system, including 2 pre filters. His workmanship was excellent and knowledge... read more

    Janny Goss Avatar Janny Goss

    Jose was fabulous-checked for copper as I requested. He then noticed that my water hardness was excessive and checked my softener to find it had been unplugged by another company.... read more

    John Putnam Avatar John Putnam
  • They showed up on time and did a great job at installing our new water system. It was a 5 star experience!!

    Cassie Crosby Avatar Cassie Crosby

    We have been using AWW since 2015. I have recommended them to many people since then. We have a reverse osmosis drinking water system, water softener and a "whole house" carbon... read more

    Tyler Pearce Avatar Tyler Pearce
  • I have used Aspen Waterwise for over 12 years and they have always been reliable. My system, based upon their regular maintenance service, has never given me a problem.... read more

    Mark Jacobs Avatar Mark Jacobs

    There is a reason we've been using Aspen Waterwise since 2008, they are wonderful in every way. They are always thorough, professional and friendly and are very concerned that our... read more

    Eva Lemley Avatar Eva Lemley
  • I had great experience with the Water Wise team (esp. Gabbie, Jose and Jared). They are incredibly professional, knowledgable, friendly, responsive, considerate... and frankly passionate about providing healthy drinking water. I... read more

    Scott Gilbert Avatar Scott Gilbert

    I am flat delighted with the service from Aspen WaterWise. José Menjivar is smart, knowledgeable, and fastidious. He solved not one, but two different issues that have been bugging us... read more

    Robert Shettel Avatar Robert Shettel
  • Waterwise has a great team. They are good at explaining filtration options and very service oriented.

    cynthia meyers Avatar cynthia meyers

    Our new home has an RO system and we had no experience with its functionality. After some time the RO pressure went way down. Jose arrived on time and... read more

    Sharon Caulfield Avatar Sharon Caulfield
  • Organized, professional and friendly; That's my experience with the WaterWise team every time. I've had their water filtration systems in my home since 2006 and recently upgraded to the newest... read more

    Bruce Bell Avatar Bruce Bell

    Thank you Aspen Water Wise. Jose and Christain were very knowledgeable, professional and so pleasant. They were so helpful in explaining the functionality of the system. I... read more

    Candy Allen Avatar Candy Allen
  • The owner, Kellen, is sooo responsive from the first inquiry; installing quickly; and to any follow up questions or concerns. It’s so refreshing to have that sort of communication in... read more

    Emily Fawcett Avatar Emily Fawcett

    This company was responsive and competent. I'm happy with my new water system. Kellen is such a great guy, is efficient, and did not hard sell what we did not... read more

    Eleanor Yeager Avatar Eleanor Yeager
  • Very happy with their prompt and professional service and we love our new RO filter system! I would highly recommend this company for your water filtration needs!

    Meredith Raarup Avatar Meredith Raarup

    The new owners impressed us with their attention to detail, expertise and exceptional custom service. We had a leak in our structured water system and it was taken care... read more

    Chris McDowell Avatar Chris McDowell