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Water Purifiers

REO-PURE BLS Series RO Systems: 3000-9000 GPD Models

By May 25, 2021June 3rd, 2021No Comments
Pure BLS Series RO Stystems

Reo-Pure™ BLS Series 3000-9000 GPD Models

The Reo-Pure™ BLS Series 3000-9000 GPD models are engineered to economically deliver large volumes of RO water, while providing the flexibility to choose the advanced system features that best meet your needs. Every model is offered in a variety of packages.

Standard Features of REO-PURE BLS Series RO Systems

  • Sediment Pre-Filtration
  • Pentek® 20” Big Blue Housing
  • Low Feed Water Pressure Safety Switch
  • Storage Tank Float Control Connection
  • Pretreatment Lockout Connection
  • On/Off Standby Switch
  • Water-Saving Recirculation Loop
  • Pre and Post Filter Pressure, Liquid Gauges
  • Operating Pressure, Liquid Gauge
  • Feed Water Solenoid Valve
  • Sta-Rite® High-Pressure Booster Pump
  • Pump Pressure Control Valve
  • Product Water Check Valve
  • John Guest® Safety Locking Clips
  • 230V, 60HZ, 1PH Electrical
  • Powder Coated Frame
  • Factory Tested for Quality
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Optional features of REO-PURE BLS Series RO Systems

  • Feed Water TDS Monitor: Provides an additional TDS/conductivity input for a second sensor to better monitor Product Water conditions.
  • Expanded S-150 RO Controller: Provides an additional 2 relays and 1 switch input. Ideal for controlling a re-pressurization pump, booster pump, or divert system. Can also be used for alarm outputs.
  • Product Water Pressure Switch: Makes RO system compatible with any
    pressurized storage tank.
  • Stainless Steel Pump: Offers optimal resistance to corrosion in higher
    than normal TDS applications.
  • Alternative Voltage: Available with 460V/60HZ/3PH, 120V/60HZ/1PH, or 220V/50HZ/1PH configurations to meet install site requirements.