Snowmass Water

The homes throughout the Snowmass areas might have the widest variance in water quality with regards to specific Roaring Fork Valley zones. Between Snowmass Village and East Sopris Creek Road, you might be surprised how significant the differences in water supply are.


Snowmass Village
Snowmass Water & Sanitation District, one of our close partners, provides drinking water to residents from four sources: the West Fork of Brush Creek, Snowmass Creek, East Snowmass Creek, and the East Snowmass Creek Spring. Most residents in Snowmass Village will have this city-treated water, whereas residents in surrounding Snowmass and Old Snowmass areas will typically be on a well.

In recent years, the Snowmass municipality began introducing fluoride into the drinking water supplies that serves over 3,000 residents. There have been many debates about fluoridating the water. Since the introduction, fluoride has been the main “contaminant” we’ve worked to remove from residences in the Village. Our belief at Aspen WaterWise is to remove everything from the water unless it is proven to benefit human health and approved by our clients, like the minerals reintroduced to drinking supplies through our Lefay alkalinity cartridges, an optional final stage on our reverse osmosis systems.

The National Library of Medicine published this scientific article explaining the pros and cons of fluoridation. You can read a bit about the local fluoride debate here. The Fluoride Action Network has a website with additional information.

To some, community water fluoridation is viewed as unauthorized and unnecessary. Although fluoride can be effective in strengthening children’s and some adult’s teeth, it can be an unhealthy component of everyday drinking water. There are certainly ways to incorporate fluoride into your life without having to consume it every time you fill your glass or bottle with water. You can consult your local dentists on fluoride products like toothpaste or tablets that may be viewed as a more welcomed method of preventing dental issues.

Old Snowmass
We service multiple areas in Old Snowmass, from East Sopris to Wildcat, and all the subdivisions in between.

A frequent issue in homes throughout the East Sopris and Capitol Creek areas is bacteria. We detect bacteria in these supplies more often than not. Usually, the presence of bacteria comes from the livestock or wildlife migrations in the area, so testing is recommended on an annual or biannual basis. Contact us today if you have questions or concerns about bacteria in your water.

However, residents in this region have much more to worry about than just bacteria. In addition to the extreme hardness and the alarming levels of total dissolved solids, iron and manganese are often detected in these areas. Iron can leave a brown, red, or “rusty” color, and manganese can be easily noticed by its deep black coloring.

Extreme hardness and alarming levels of total dissolved solids are also common issues for properties along the entirety of Snowmass Creek Road. The water from wells drilled into this region normally contain a number of heavy metals including aluminum, copper, iron, lithium, silica, strontium, uranium, and zinc. Most wells in this area also contain high amounts of sulfur, an inorganic analyte that causes foul smell throughout your home or establishment.

Whether your water comes from a private well, a community well, a spring, or even a creek, Aspen WaterWise is excited to discuss treatment options with you.