A salt-free alternative to softening your water, conditioners not only reduce hardness but also restructure water to its most natural state.

Adding a water conditioner to your home will help prevent the buildup of limescale in plumbing similar to that of a water softener – however, without the addition of salt. Because of this, water conditioners are often referred to as “salt-free water softeners”. Water conditioners differ from their softening counterparts in a few ways: the amount of water they use, the contaminants they remove, the contaminants they add, their effectiveness against limescale, and their maintenance.

While water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from water by exchanging sodium ions with these hard ions, water conditioners do not exchange any ions or add any outside elements to water. Rather, they change the structure of the minerals already found in the water. The conditioning system uses a template-assisted crystallization (TAC) media to catch minerals like magnesium and calcium; these minerals build up until they break off into the output water. The water remains hard, but cannot stick to pipes and appliances.

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What are the benefits of structured water?

Our conditioners also restructure water to deliver you water that has been energized and returned to its natural state. Water in this state is more bioavailable and hydrating, in addition to all these benefits: increases energy, improves concentration and memory, promotes better sleep, supports a healthy immune system, helps detoxify the body, and promotes good digestion. The conditioners installed by the highly skilled technicians at Aspen WaterWise are all made in the USA and require very little maintenance while bringing you a multitude of benefits.

Do the units remove chlorine and fluoride?

The structuring unit does not eliminate anything. It changes the properties of water to greatly assist in the removal of fluoride, chlorine, or any other elemental compound that is saturated or radical. This is something a filter does not do.